Womanizer Review: PleasureAir Sucks So Good

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Image of me holding the Womanizer while it sucks on my hand

YAY, my first formal review of a sex toy is about the best sex toy to touch my body since the Hitachi. As a huge sex geek, I have been reading about the amazing qualities of The Womanizer Pro and how it has risen to the number 1 sex toy in Europe! I have wanted to get my fantastic hands on it for some time but balked at the price point of over $180 USD for the original and over $200 USD for the pro. Thankfully my sex geek life connected me to brilliant sex educator Sunny Megatron who then connected me with the person in charge of PR for the toy in the United States. She shipped a few samples of the Womanizer to get the word out about accessible aspects of it, as well as to share the product with fellow crip sexologist Robin Wilson-Beattie and the crowd at our talk about sex for EVERYBODY at AVN: Adult Entertainment Expo. It takes a village to get the tools to pass on a good review to others, and I’m hella grateful for the folks in my communities who enable this process!

Below are scores based on categories of assessment for sex toys, including accessibility. Let me know if you’d like other categories in my upcoming reviews. Thank you!

The Look

The overall look of the Womanizer is cheesy, earning it 3/5. At first glance, the toy looks like it could be an ear cleaner designed with typical femininity in mind, e.g., pink packaging and flowery patterns. The little device comes in a variety of colors with floral or animal prints, with the newest model available in black and skulls helping to break from the gender focus of the toy in its marketing. Even with the move to a black aesthetic, the framing of the product remains cis-woman focused.

Monochromatic squares supporting the style of the Black Womanizer

Animal print is available, I like it and understand when people suggest the look seems Snooki designed. A hit in the packaging has to be the Swarovski crystal element on/off button. The shiny crystal says clitoris to me simply begging YOU to turn it on, and on, and ONNNNNNNN, and off. Regardless of the rationale with the aesthetics of Womanizer, your body parts don’t have eyes nor do they care what print is on a product if it does a body good.

It’s worth noting though that feminine products can and do trigger body dysphoria and/or other feelings of repugnance about patriarchy. I encourage figuring out ways to cover the pattern and color: like with duct tape or other fun products. In doing so you can reframe the device visually and enjoy the pleasure principle of the toy! If you are using it with a partner or partners, you could have your eyes closed or be blindfolded while using the toy – thus relieving the sight of it. Other thoughts on trans issues and gender liberation with your Womanizer can be seen in an uncaptioned review by a trans man.

Pleasure Points

My goodness, this toy scores a BOLD 5/5 in pleasure points. On the packaging of the device and its booklet, it guarantees orgasms. This device follows through and quickly. Every time I have used this toy, I have had an orgasm. I don’t think I can say that for any toy I have tried thus far, and for research sake I have tried many! Womanizer beats most vibrators in the guarantee of orgasm every time. A big reason for this guarantee is its rendering of gentle powerful sucking. It is a relaxation and orgasmic tool simultaneously – perfection. This is a huge win for those who are overwhelmed by vibrating toys, which is a LOT of us!I still classify the Hitachi as the best sex toy I have experienced because it has been with me longer and I know how capable it can be.

To achieve the toy’s potential, it’s necessary to relax and allow the toy to find the area to suck on, this requires an extraordinarly light grip which is lovely for those of us with arthritis or reduced dexterity. Seconds after calming down, I began my pleasurable journey. Within minutes my clitoris sang and I giggled with a goofy smile on my face. It was quite the nice relaxation moment during fretting over what to pack for my Las Vegas trip. This is a definitely a tool to calm the soul.

Given this is my first review, I honestly may have given up without the wisdom of Sunny Megatron and sex comrade Elle Chase in their uncaptioned video review of the toy because I didn’t know exactly how to make the toy get me to orgasm right away. I found myself poking around with it at first, trying the 8 intensity levels, without any luck. I took a breath and focused on their key: allow the toy to do its work.

As this is a PleasureAir device – it’s primary purpose is to suck. Once placed on the bodily surface it zeros in on the pleasure point without effort by the user. The Womanizer feels as though the silicone head is twirling around internally and sucking in the skin while doing so. This could be used along body parts to simulate licking, but is best served when positioned in one place allowing it to fully suck. Nipple and clitoris arousal are those I have tried thus far, both achieving desired effects of pleasure. This PleasureAir feature is the only one like it on the market, so you can see why many of us are excited and experiencing recommended consistent pleasure.

This toy is not intended for penetration, but the newer model that I tested has a smaller handle allowing penetration to be supplemented without putting off the Womanizer. This is useful for those of us who may need or want penetration, along with clitoral stimulation, to have an pleasurable experience.

It gives me immense pleasure that this toy is rechargeable with a simple mini-USB cord. When I traveled with my Womanizer, I was delighted to be able to charge it with mini-USB cord for another device. Along with the USB cord, you will receive an ableist disclaimer inclusive booklet explaining the toy, a 2nd additional silicone head that allows for accommodating a larger clitoris, and a lovely satin-like bag to carry your Womanizer in.

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Disclaimer reads: “This device should not be operated by people with physical, sensory or mental disabilities, nor by people with insufficient experience or previous knowledge, unless adequate supervision is provided or detailed instructions on how to use the device are ensured by a responsive person.”

Accessibility Matters

The Womanizer scores a 4.5/5 in terms of access for physically disabled people. It’s crucial when talking about access to note that people have variable access needs and I’m covering this area because it’s my disabled wheelhouse. I’m a wheelchair user with brittle bones with limited leg strength, so I tend to prefer toys that I can get into positions that do not require yoga stretches, acrobatic flights, or crushing weight on my body. As a chair user my hands get tired from pushing my manual wheelchair – so my wrists enjoyed the nice break in the sex department with the Womanizer. THIS is a perfect toy for this very reason. Once placed near the body part to be sucked on, it makes its way there and sticks there. I found it to extremely infrequent that I needed to reposition it with my hand, and when I did it was with the lightest of touch. The toy is super-light, allowing repositioning to require minimal effort.

The only drawback with this light-touch is that sometimes I feel hyped up, ready to orgasm NOW, thus my impatience leads me to try go against the toy’s characteristics and rub it against myself rapidly. Rubbing aggressively against the body is actually counter-productive when it comes to this product, as slight touch yields the most pleasure.

This toy is ideal for those with difficulty with dexterity, wrist pain, those who don’t have a lot of muscle control in the arms, etc. This could easily placed on a person, after being positioned comfortably without any aid needed during the process aside. It is so light and gentle on the wrist, I absolutely adored it. It’s such a nice change of pace to most sex toys which require a continuous hard grip.


Clean up with this toy is a breeze and earns it a 3/5. It does not score perfectly, because the overall device cannot be submerged in water. The silicone tip which comes into contact with the simulated parts of the body can be removed and cleaned with hot water and antibacterial soap, making it relatively safe to use with multiple partners. The hand-held hard plastic body of the device must be washed gently with a moist cloth and/or gentle use of antibacterial soap. This is not just a cleanliness issue, but also a minus in the utility section as I am betting many people would like to relax with this massager in a warm bath.

I enthusiastically endorse the Womanizer!

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